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We are Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialists in London with many years of experience. Providing the highest quality hair replacement systems, hair pieces and hair extensions. Making the decision to pursue a solution to your hair loss is never an easy one. We understand the anguish and stress involved in losing your hair and trying to figure out what to do about it! Pascal B hair replacement systems offers high-quality solutions for men and women, which can’t be detected by eye or by touch. You can have a completely secure and natural look, with the trendiest styles and colours of your choice. You can achieve this transformation within a week or two! Custom-made hairpieces allow you to get exactly the look and feel you want. From the first consultation to the final result you will be assisted by our hair replacement experts in London, with a priority on providing you the best look ever!

Hair volumisers, hairpieces
No limits to what you can change! Increase volume, thickness, change style, colour... Even your friends won’t be able to tell the difference
Hair Extensions
Handmade for the finest feel. Looks totally real. Best quality of Russian hair. The choice is yours!
Men Hair Replacement
Looking for the best hair loss solution? Ours is Discreet and Undetectable. High-quality non-surgical hair replacement system
Pascal B
” Loosing hair can be stressful and upsetting. It can affect the self-esteem almost like loosing a piece of identity. ”
Be confident, be proud of how you look!

Extensions and hairpieces are the perfect solutions for any style requirements. Want to add length, volume or change your new colour? It’s easy to achieve and the result will be amazing! Creating a new look has never been so simple, safe and easy to reverse. Try a top volume hair piece to achieve a different style and colour, choose extensions and hairpieces made of the best quality European human hair for a natural look and feel that is totally undetectable, even close-up. Contact us todat for quality non-surgical hair replacement systems in London.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems London Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems London

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Please contact us to enquire about these services as prices might change due to client needs.

  • Fitting

    From £ 150
  • Consultation

    From £ 20
    Consultation + removal of hair piece additional for service
  • Blow-Dry

    £ 50 - £ 70
  • Cut adjustments

    From £ 60
    After fitting or another adjustment
  • (MAN) Colour adjustment

    From £ 30
    Full colour, toner, highlight, lowlight, balayage etc.
  • (WOMEN) Colour adjustment

    From £ 150
    Full colour, toner, highlight, lowlight, balayage etc.

    From £ 120
    Styling class Price p/h

    From £ 150
    Attachment methods Price p/h
  • Repair

    From £ 80
    Filling in thin areas - Knotting - Adding clips - Lace repair *Note - most of the repair works should be left with us in house
  • Women Hair Pieces

    From £ 500
  • Extensions

    From £ 120
  • Mens Hair Pieces

    From £ 350
  • Men ’ s refit/rebound

    From £ 70


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    They said
    Thank you for your services!!! You truly are an amazing person and you have changed my life and given me my happiness back!!
    For me, a Hair system has been a life changing experience and it has given me a great boost in my confidence, It is all thanks to Egita.
    I would highly recommend her. Egita's services are exceptional and always go above and beyond.
    She always acts with integrity, honesty and in the best interest of her client.
    She is knowledgeable and has extensive experience in the hair industry for hair pieces/systems. She is able to design a piece that is best suitable for your needs.
    Egita has been my stylist for over three years and one of the things that made me opt for a hair system with her was her compassion and dedication for wanting to help people.
    Naturally, I was very apprehensive about wearing a hair system. It can be daunting for anyone to make a decision as to whether a hair piece is for them, more so, the questions or concern it raises, once it is fitted.
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