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Our Hair Root Volumiser (also known as Hair Toppers) is a wonderful product that gives instant volume to your hair! They have been created for our clients who are experiencing thinning hair on the crown of their head; with us you can completely hide your balding patches. For the one who wants to look fabulous, you can also enjoy the thickness and volume of celebrity hair! This same technique is now fast becoming a must-have for fashionistas and celebrities. With hair toppers, you can create stunning added volume, colour/texture changes, or instant fringes. There’s no limit to how you can change your look, even if you don’ t have a hair loss problem! Contact us for no obligation free initial consultation for hair pieces or hair toppers in London.

Quality Hair Toppers London

There are varying degrees of hair loss in women. It can be gradual thinning on the top or sides of the scalp, or there may be bald patches or breakage. Get back your confidence with human hair toppers in London. Our variety of hair pieces ensures that we can provide you with a custom-made solution that is affordable without compromising on quality. Whether you’re after top or volume pieces, we have a solution to meet your requirements. There are various non-surgical techniques we use, which can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. All our hair pieces are specifically matched to your own hair at our London Salon. We also supply all accessories to meet your requirements and we’ll have you with a luxurious natural looking head of hair. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Our range of products include:

Hair root toppers – hair pieces

Specific/customised orders


You can choose between :

-Basic design

-Hair quality

-Hair length

-Hair colour


Order delivery 8-12 weeks


You can choose Hair Volumiser grades ranging from Standard to Premium to the highest grade Exclusive. But whichever quality you choose, youll get the best available quality for the price range. We use only the best quality hair from India (for darker shades) or lighter coloured hair from Europe. 

All hair dyes used are guaranteed to be of premium quality. This ensures that we maintain the same standard for all our hair systems. 

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- Volumiser


Volume no  – Volume 

No Volume -Volume. Volumiser simply adding more volume and even a colour change if you wish.

Hair Toppers/Volumizers can be easily attached to your hair using clips for convenience and security. These can be removed and re-attached daily. This method uses no chemicals or adhesives so its a good option for hair and scalp health. Clips also make it easy to manage at home. However, if you do require monthly maintenance for your Volumizer, this service is available at our studio. 


A longer-term attachment for hair pieces is also possible, especially for those with little or no hair. These methods require regular professional care and some ongoing maintenance support is needed to maintain a perfect appearance for this type of hair piece. However, this method can affect scalp and hair health with prolonged use.  

But whatever your needs, we can discuss and advise on your individual needs to find the best solution just for you. 


Toppers/Volumisers can be customised and trimmed to blend seamlessly with your own hair. And to create a totally realistic look to your Human Hair Topper, we can arrange a root stretch or fine low light foils if is needed.  


We offer a range of products ranging from 

Hair root toppers – hair pieces 

Specific – customised orders 


You can choose between : 

Basic design 

Hair quality 

Hair length  

Hair colour 


Delivery in 8 weeks +  

- Fringe


Fringe.. you can add one whenever you want… clip it in and youre ready to go. 

Do you want a beautiful fringe but dont want to cut your hair? Or maybe your own fringe is too thin? No problem! We offer the result that you’ always wanted! A realistic fringe can be added with clips, which will blend in with your own hair. 

- Parting


A perfect parting to cover your roots and thinning areas. Small clip- volumizing hair toppers will make a huge difference to your new look. Because they’re small – measuring 2 – 5 inches – theyre hidden.  

We can customize according to your needs and offer you a choice of colours. 

- Silk Top


Silk Top Hair Toppers/Volumisers will give the most realistic look for a natural parting because they ensure the closest match to your own scalp. Unlike a normal wig, it will look totally natural. No one will guess its a hair system. This works perfectly for clients who want to look naturally fabulous. 

We can customize according to your needs and offer you a choice of colours.

- Lace


Lace Hair Toppers/Volumizers is the best material for a seamless front (hair swept back) and adhesion to the skin,with a very natural finish. One of the best options for scalp breathability.   

We can customize according to your needs and offer you a choice of colours. 

- Invisible


Invisible Skin Hair Toppers use the finest raw materials to provide a light and natural feel. These are most suitable for hair loss problems, however severe these may be. 

We can customize according to your needs and offer you a choice of colours. 


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Hair Toppers London | Hair Pieces | Volumiser
Hair Toppers London | Hair Pieces | Volumiser
Hair Toppers London | Hair Pieces | Volumiser
Hair Toppers London | Hair Pieces | Volumiser
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